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Umyeko - Aurora (Hot Pink) - SALE

$99.95 $169.95

The Umyeko pink toe loop sandals feature part of our new modern collection and offer a unique style for the wearer with its intricate leather upper. The Umyeko sandal uses the new Velvet unit which is incredibly flexible. The insoles are moulded to cup your feet and offer great comfort. The insole is light and airy and made from a very soft PU which means it has complete bounce-back memory and will never collapse therefore offering you endless comfort. Our non-slip thermoplastic rubber (TR) outsole also provides a good grip in those slippery situations and will ensure these sandals deliver the utmost support and comfort for your feet.

Colour: Bright Fuchsia Pink (refer to the white background image for the most accurate colour representation) 

Click here for more information about our Polyurethane and TR soles.

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