Celebrating 20 years of Tsonga


September 2019 commemorates 20 years of our handmade treasures TSONGA.

Our journey began in the late 1990’s in Lidgetton, Pietermaritzburg where Tsonga’s founder Peter Maree noticed many footwear manufacturers were closing their doors in South Africa. Peter, with 20 year’s industry experience, saw an opportunity to create a niche market of high-quality footwear with a uniquely African style and the comfort that only hand-stitching can provide.

Factory store manager Henry with Tsonga Founders Raine & Peter Maree. 

 “I wanted to create a range of shoes and handbags, inspired by Africa. The hand-stitching skills of the women of the village of Lidgetton, close to my home, are renowned. I thought that together we could create something quite unique and wonderful”.

 Today the story remains the same today, our products are sold in retail stores globally. We are continuing to empower the local people with skills they will have for a lifetime while also focusing on how we can be a more socially and environmentally conscious business.

 Our SS’19 collection celebrates all that we love about Tsonga. We have combined on trend colours with contemporary styles to bring you a modern African collection that can be worn for years to come. The signature hand lacing is also featured throughout as it represents the humble roots of our brand.

We invite you to celebrate with us by wearing your Tsonga’s proudly in your own individual style that makes you feel confident!

Happy Birthday Tsonga! 


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