Ranger to Ranger

It’s not everyday that you get to meet a Maasai warrior from Kenya, Africa!

So what brings a warrior to Byron Bay?

Joseph Kotoke a ranger and Maasai warrior from Kenya has come with the Thin Green Line Foundation to introduce the screening of the new documentary “Ranger to Ranger”.
The film features Dan Sultan and is about 9 indigenous rangers from Australia who visit Kenya to share their knowledge and experience with other rangers who protect the African wildlife against poachers.


The Thin Green Line Foundation makes a real difference to stopping wildlife crime by supporting rangers on the frontline of conservation. Approximately 1,000 rangers have been killed in the past 10 years, many of them murdered by commercial poachers.

Protecting nature’s protectors is the foundation’s mission by providing vital support to park rangers and their communities who are the front line of conservation.

Trade in endangered wildlife, such as elephant tusks and rhino horns is worth an estimated $17 billion a year and is pushing hundreds of species to the brink of extinction.

If you are interested, like us here at Tsonga about conserving the world’s endangered wildlife and would like to know more about the amazing work this foundation does defending wildlife and supporting rangers and their families, you can visit their website:




Much love,


Tsonga Byron Bay



*All facts and figures are from the Thin Green Line Foundation.

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